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Prayer Needed
posted by: Jared Arnold on 6/16/2016

My former next door neighbor, Tom, was informed he has cancer. His wife and grandkids need him to stay around for awhile yet. He is requesting prayer for healing.
I will pray 59 people are praying.
Prayer Request
posted by: Darlene Christensen on 5/22/2016

Pray for a young man who made a bad decision and is in need of prayer. He has to wait 60 days before he can get back into Teen Challenge. Pray for strength and peace during this time.
I will pray 58 people are praying.
posted by: Lance&Sara Gilbertson on 10/9/2015

GOD IS SO GOOD! We have had some pretty high medical bills this year and I called today to set up a payment plan and when I did told me my balance was $24, and then as if that wasn't good news already...on a bill for Lance that was 10,000 the claim has to be written off because it was not preauthorized. ONLY GOD CAN WORK MIRACLES LIKE THAT! THANK YOU JESUS!
Amen! 55 people are praising.
Gods Vision
posted by: vinnie( Deanna Halbert on 9/20/2015

I know we are in that storm, you speak of... I pray for my family, mostly my amazing husband. I do believe God has something amazing he has in store, but for now my fear is overtaking, all my strength. I even found myself not wanting to go to church, so unlike me. In my heart I feel its all a mistake a bad dream, at the same time I feel such a peace kind of like its our God asking me how much do you trust me? please Pray for a healing in me and for me to see his vision in me. thank you love you. Vinnie
I will pray 55 people are praying.
Marriage Problems
posted by: Family Prayer on 8/24/2015

Please pray for my husband. I pray his heart opens up and feels the power of God working in him to become the father and husband our family needs.
I will pray 52 people are praying.
Baby Harper
posted by: on 3/27/2015

Baby Harper is now 4lbs 3oz and off most tubes. Thanks to all who remembered her in your prayers. She is truly a gift from God.
Amen! 47 people are praising.
posted by: Judith Gage on 3/24/2015

My friend David Peterson is having back surgery Wed.@ 1:30 in Fairbanks.please keep him in prayer.
I will pray 41 people are praying.
Comfort Needed
posted by: Maggie on 3/13/2015

My very dear friend's mother in law, whom she and her husband care for in their home, was told by doctors yesterday she only has a few weeks left in her physical body. She is not dealing well with this and I would ask for healing and comfort for them all.
I will pray 37 people are praying.
Prayer Request
posted by: Gene & Arlys Westfall on 3/10/2015

Our brother-in-law Howard Roberts is a God loving man and has had a massive heart attack. We ask for prayer for God's blessed healing
I will pray 51 people are praying.
Kidney needed
posted by: Diana Murrill on 3/9/2015

My longtime friend and neighbor is about to lose kidney function in his only kidney. He needs to have a dye test done to determine a vein blockage but doing so would damage the kidney and place him on dialysis. he has been on the transplant list for a long time and has 2 children. He works hard and has planned for this eventuality but hoped to never see it. Please pray that a kidney is found... quickly. Thank you.
I will pray 45 people are praying.
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