We Believe in Mentorship!

At NPWC, we believe in the growth that develops in your life through mentorship. Jesus said, "come, follow me," and we believe this statement is the ultimate model of mentorship. Mentorship is many parts - it is Bible studies and lessons as well as learning by example, asking questions of those wiser than ourselves, trying something new with a willing attitude, exploring the Bible and invoking discussion; it's a combination of many different aspects of learning.

At NPWC, it's important to us that you learn and grow. That's why we encourage you to participate in mentorship classes, where each class builds upon the last. We encourage you to come alongside our leaders or elders, and learn from them in unstructured conversation and example. We encourage you to follow the example set by the disciples of Jesus, on the shores of Galilee so long ago, and follow Him.
Base Camp::NPWC OrientationBase Camp::NPWC Orientation
Take your first step towards Church Membership, and begin your journey to the Summit! Base Camp classes are held regularly throughout the year. Please pre-register online, by calling NPWC at 488-9084, OR through signing up at the Welcome Center ... more

Baby & Child DedicationBaby & Child Dedication
Baby and Child Dedications are held the third Sunday of every month. Interested in dedication? Please contact the NPWC Administrative Office; thank you!

Baptism | Plunge PartyBaptism | Plunge Party
Learn more about baptism, and what it means to take this next step in your personal walk with Christ!