Take your next step with baptism!

Learn more about baptism, and what it means to take this next step in your personal walk with Christ!

I would like more information about baptism! How do I begin?

It's simple! Register to attend NPWC's Understanding Baptism class; click the link below to register today! (Registration is also available at the Information Center in the NPWC lobby.)

When is the Understanding Baptism Class and Plunge Party held?

NPWC's Understanding Baptism class is held regularly in the NPWC Base Camp room (1st floor); this one-session, 1 hour class will help you understand what it means to be baptised by immersion, and is required before baptism. The "Plunge Party" (day of baptism) is held quarterly; dates for both the class and Plunge Party are posted online on the calendar.

What will the Plunge Party look like?

Plunge parties are a celebration! This hour-long celebration includes worship, a meal, and your baptism, and everyone is invited! We encourage you to bring friends and family. At the Plunge Party, you will receive both a NPWC MADE NEW t-shirt, to wear for your baptism and then keep, and a Baptism Certificate, signed and dated.

Who should I invite to my baptism?

Water baptism provides a great opportunity to testify about God’s work in our lives. Through the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection we become a new person on the inside. We encourage everyone to invite their friends and family to your Plunge Party!

My child is interested in baptism; do you baptize children?

For babies and young children, we offer a Baby and Child Dedication Service, in which parents are charged with the Godly upbringing and care of their most precious gift(s) from God. Older children and teens who are interested in baptism are invited to attend the Understanding Baptism class in the company of their parents/guardians, to determine if they are ready for this important step!

Can my family be baptized together?

Yes! If each family member understands fully the meaning of baptism, and each one has personally placed his/her trust in Christ for salvation, we encourage families to be baptized at the same time. It is a wonderful expression of commitment