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There will be no electrical access available at this event; all vendors must be self sufficient. Will you be using a generator? *
Vendors must be up-to-date with all applicable State of Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation regulations and permits, as well as maintain appropriate insurance coverage. Additionally, BOOTH vendors or those who won't be operating out of their regular permitted unit are encouraged to apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit. *
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Many venues have set requirements for space rental fees. For participation in this event we require 10% of all sales for the night. This 10% will go to the World's Biggest Backpack Giveaway for the purchase of backpacks, school supplies, and more to give to students in North Pole and surrounding areas. (Note: We'd like to end the night with as few loose ends as possible so we request to see these fees attended to before vendors leave. However, we maintain office hours during the week and will be requiring all payments to be submitted no later than July 19th at 2:30pm. Payment can be made via cash/check/card or electronically through our PushPay app). *
By selecting 'Yes' below, you agree to give 10% of all sales to World's Biggest Backpack Giveaway.
**Submittal of application does not guarantee participation. Acceptance into this event is based on the date and time of application submission and diversity of approved vendors. Applications can be submitted for non-food vendors, but, due to space limitations, may or may not be approved. Priority will be given to NON-PROFIT non-food vendors. All applicants will receive a confirmation email, indicating whether they have been approved to participate in the North Pole Food Truck Festival.